Featured image of article: ConVal Students Explore Italy

ConVal Students Explore Italy

Over the recent April vacation, ten ConVal students visited Italy with Art teacher Ben Putnam and German teacher Cindi Hodgdon.  They toured Rome, Florence, Fiesole and Sienna.

The goals of the trip were to teach students how doable it is to travel abroad, regardless of language abilities; how to navigate city streets, bus and train systems in unfamiliar cities as well as visiting some of the most famous ancient sites and art museums in the world. Highlights included visits to Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Cathedral, The Colosseum, Cathedral’s in Sienna and Florence, the Uffizi and Bargello museums, the Parthenon and Boboli Gardens.

More than a few slices of Pizza were consumed and attempts were made to find the best “gelato” stand Italy.