Featured image of article: ConVal Students Garner Scholastic Arts Awards

ConVal Students Garner Scholastic Arts Awards

Congratulations to the students in Mr. Levesque’s Digital Photography class who have achieved honors at the 2021 Scholastic Arts Awards.

Each year, Scholastic Arts submissions are juried by luminaries in the visual arts, some of whom are past award recipients. Panelists look for works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

These are the students and their award-winning photographs:

  • Isis Battaglia — Honorable Mention: “Safe”
  • Zachary Blohm — Silver Key: “Looking Forward”
  • Logan Burnham — Silver Key: “Water Dice”
  • Brady Carpentiere — Silver Key: “Ghost”
  • Tyler Christophers — Honorable Mention: “Colored Fantasy”
  • Aaliyah Colby — Gold Key: “A Dark Gaze”
  • Hayden Derosier — Honorable Mention: “Good Morning Sunshine”
  • Emily Donovan — Honorable Mention: “Senior year”
  • Addison Evans — Silver Key: “In Flow”
  • Gwen Inglis — Honorable Mention: “Stepping Stones”
  • Gwen Inglis — Honorable Mention: “Delicate”
  • Gwen Inglis — Gold Key: “Mirrored”
  • Fletcher Maggs — Silver Key: “GOD IS AN ARTIST”
  • Fletcher Maggs — Honorable Mention Photography THE PATH OF GOLD Fletcher Maggs — Silver Key Photography A SURFER’S DREAM
  • Fletcher Maggs — Silver Key Photography LAKE OF GLASS
  • Fletcher Maggs — Gold Key Photography WOMEN IN POWER
  • Fletcher Maggs — Silver Key Photography Twilight
  • Fletcher Maggs — Silver Key Photography MOODY FALLS
  • Fletcher Maggs — Silver Key: “MORNING MIST”
  • Ethan Marony — Honorable Mention: “Old School New School”
  • Makennah McPherson-Carland — Silver Key: “Blue Roses”
  • Adrienne Moses — Gold Key: “Fall Fever”
  • Blair Robbins — Honorable Mention: “Listening to Queen with a Broken Earbud”
  • Loraine Rupp — Silver Key: “Winter Wonderland”
  • Jacob Siegel — Honorable Mention: “Ride at Dusk”
  • Richard Woodin — Honorable Mention: “THAT’S NOT MY CAKE!”

In addition, the following students were recognized in the category “Digital Art”:

  • Tristan Hutchinson — Silver Key Digital Art: “Winter Wonderland”
  • Natalie Tremblay — Gold Key: “RUSTLING WATERS OF DUNBAR BROOK”

Congratulations to all students!