Featured image of article: ConVal Students Succeed At AIANH Competition

ConVal Students Succeed At AIANH Competition

Sarah Newell and Jill Karlicek received 2nd place in the American Institute of Architects New Hampshire (AIANH) High School Design Competition.

The objectives of the competition are to: increase awareness of the relationships between space, human scale and function; gain experience in recognizing the various challenges in planning and designing indoor and outdoor spaces for specific uses; exercise analytical abilities and creativity in solving the problems; and gain experience in communicating planning and design ideas using scale drawings and models.

The competition gives students a fun opportunity to develop these skills and to learn about the various aspects of planning and design.

All New Hampshire high school students are encouraged to participate. Students can work individually or in teams of up to three students. Top winners receive cash awards to help with their college education.

Congratulations, Sara and Jill, on a job well done!