Featured image of article: ConVal Students Support NH Tackles Hunger Campaign

ConVal Students Support NH Tackles Hunger Campaign

On Wednesday, twelve ConVal student athletes went to Hannaford to purchase food items in support of this year’s NH Tackles Hunger Campaign.

To make this community service activity competitive, the students were split into teams and given a set “budget.” Their goal was to buy nonperishable healthy foods and try to make meals that they would want to eat — not an easy task.

Students used their phone calculators to stay within their team’s given budget and spent over an hour to spend $50 while making careful choices.

“Every year this might be one of my favorite parts of this program,” said Conval School Board member Katherine Heck.  “Students really learn what shopping on a tight budget looks like.” 

“The students’ behavior was exemplary, as were their manners,” Heck added.