Featured image of article: ConVal Students, Teacher To Attend Presidential Inauguration

ConVal Students, Teacher To Attend Presidential Inauguration

Two ConVal students and Social Studies teacher Greg Leonard have been selected to attend the inauguration ceremonies for President Trump in January. The selection came as a result of their participation in a summer learning program devoted to “The Presidency and the Press,” organized by the Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication at Franklin Pierce University. Fitzwater was White House Press Secretary for six years under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

“Professor Kristen Nevious [of Franklin Pierce] contacted me yesterday to officially announce that Michelle Jarest and Jason Frank have been selected to attend the Presidential inaugural on January 20th as part of the student press corps. I’ve also been asked to attend as a chaperone and advisor,” explained Leonard.

“We will be leaving Franklin Pierce University on the morning of January 17th and travel by train from Boston to Washington DC. We will be covering a number of events leading up to the inaugural ceremony on Friday, January 20th. We will then be returning on the 21st.”

The attendance of the presidential inauguration is a first for ConVal students.

“This is terrific news and speaks to the talents of our students and to Mr. Leonard’s leadership and willingness to go above and beyond,” commented Dean of Faculty Gib West. “This honor is further evidence that ConVal students successfully pursue strategies to seek learning opportunities that are beyond the classroom.”

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