Featured image of article: ConVal Team Succeeds At 2017 Envirothon Competition

ConVal Team Succeeds At 2017 Envirothon Competition

On May 23, ConVal’s Envirothon Team participated in the NH Envirothon competition at NHTI in Concord. ConVal placed first in the wildlife segment, first in aquatics, and first in soils.

Congratulations, Kelley Akerley, Lawton Fagiano, Kaitlyn Giza, and Morgan O’Connor! And congratulations to Dana Wood, the advisor of the Envirothon Team!

The theme of this year’s NH Envirothon competition was  Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship. It focused on the long-term effects of the shift from family farming to industrial-scale farming, on issues such as groundwater and surface water contamination, soil degradation, and aquifer depletion, and on sustainable farming techniques.