Featured image of article: ConVal Unified Basketball Ends Season With A Win

ConVal Unified Basketball Ends Season With A Win

On Friday before February break, ConVal High School held a school-wide assembly in the gymnasium that saw the Cougars host Keene High School for the final Unified Basketball game of the season.

With the ConVal Band playing during breaks in the action, students, faculty, and staff cheered on both the ConVal and the Keene High School Unified Basketball teams.

Both teams had terrific scoring stretches throughout the game, with three-point scores and under-the-basket shots. The Cougars, under the leadership of coaches Kevin Carne, Dick Ellingwood, and Gil Morris, came away with a winning score of 69:58 after a buzzer-beating basket by Myles Clough.

All of the ConVal players had an outstanding game. Perhaps most importantly, both teams demonstrated true sportsmanship on many occasions throughout the game.

After the victory celebration, the ATC robotics team gave a presentation of its remote-controlled robots that shot balls and T-shirts into the crowd.

What a terrific way to end the season!