Featured image of article: ConVal’s ATC Receives Grant From Education Department

ConVal’s ATC Receives Grant From Education Department

The ConVal School District is pleased to announce that the Region 14 Applied Technology Center (ATC) was recently awarded a $43,507.95 grant from the New Hampshire Department of Education.

The targeted focus of the grant is to help school districts expand access to attaining industry-recognized credentials for students in career technical education programs.

With the funding, the ATC will purchase the Snap-On Precision Measurements Instruments Certification Kit and offer Train-the-Trainer professional development to two instructors so they may teach students how to measure accurately. The Kit includes measurement tools such as tape and rule, slide calipers, gauges, angles, micrometers, and dial gauges.

“We are thrilled that our students will now be able to obtain this industry-recognized certification,” said Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Rizzo Saunders. “We wish to thank the New Hampshire Department of Education for this generous grant, which will surely help advance our students’ knowledge and prepare them for successful careers in the trades. We would also like to offer a special thanks to Jennifer Kiley, Director of the ATC, for her hard work in obtaining this competitive grant.”

The ATC’s local industry partners have repeatedly shared that the need to measure accurately is an essential skill for their employees and one they often find lacking in job applicants. By providing the students the opportunity to become certified in multiple modes of measurement, the ATC seeks to make graduates of the CTE programs more career-ready.

The ATC plans to first train Manufacturing and Engineering students and eventually open the program to students and staff in the Automotive Tech and Construction Trades pathways.

Students who earn the Precision Measurements Instrument Certifications may elect to go on to earn the Advanced Measuring Instruments Certification.