Featured image of article: ConVal’s “Bundesliga Total!” Team Takes Third Place

ConVal’s “Bundesliga Total!” Team Takes Third Place

FC Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, Mönchengladbach, RB Leipzig, Eintracht Frankfurt — fans all over the world know these German soccer clubs which consistently rank high in the German Bundesliga and in the Europa-wide championship leagues.

To celebrate “Fußball” (soccer), the Goethe Institut organizes an annual “Bundesliga Total!” contest, in which students of German from around the nation demonstrate their soccer knowledge in a variety of contests by being matched against one another in their knowledge of the Bundesliga.

At the eastern regional finals in Washington, DC, this past weekend, ConVal’s “Bundesliga Total!” duo Finn Wegmüller and Anna Gombas took third place in a field of 25 teams.

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