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Coronavirus Provides Context For History Lesson

Students in Mr. Bowman’s class are currently studying World War I. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has variously been declared a “war,” students were asked to create posters in the style of World War I public information campaigns.

“The point of this activity is for the students to show they understand the sacrifices that Americans made during World War 1,” Mr. Bowman said. “WWI was the first time in history that the entire country mobilized like this. And frankly, we can use it to learn some lessons as we go through a crisis of our own right now.”

“Students were asked to use Google Draw or Slides or draw on paper to make a public service poster where they advise Americans what they can do to fight the coronavirus. The poster should compare a sacrifice made during WWI to one we can/should make today.”

“Some of the students’ posters might seem a little heavy-handed or out of line with contemporary conventions. This is not because the students were being disrespectful. They were trying to use themes and strategies (and in some cases the wording) of World War One posters.”

As the varied creative approaches to this activity show, the students were clearly engaged in this assignment!