Featured image of article: Students, Staff Participate In End-Of-Year Mud Volleyball Event

Students, Staff Participate In End-Of-Year Mud Volleyball Event

The annual, end-of-the-year Mud Volleyball Event was organized by the Student Council on Tuesday, May 31. This event followed the Spring Fest hosted by the National Honor Society and took place after school. 17 teams participated, and volleyball coach Amanda Hinton refereed the games.

Students and staff formed themed teams of six players each. The outdoor volleyball court had been rototilled and then flooded by the Peterborough Fire Department so as to create the perfect Mud Volleyball court. Kona Ice, water coolers, sunshine, and a great crowd created the perfect atmosphere for a truly great, muddy time.

The “Mud Buds” placed first and “BDE” placed second in the single elimination tournament style event. The “Mud Buds” — Captain: Malachi Page, Jake Daniels, Fletcher Maggs, Zach Burgess, Dan McCall, and Wyatt Beaulieu. Team “BDE” (Bryson Defeats Everyone) — Captain: Austin Klonel, Garret Rousseau, Bennett Saxe, Ethan Kinney, Addison Dodge, and Caleb Norford.

Congratulations to both teams on this success, and thank you to everyone who helped organize and participated in this fun event!