Featured image of article: ATC Engineering 3 Students Complete Chess Game

ATC Engineering 3 Students Complete Chess Game

Students in Karen Fabianski’s Engineering 3 class recently had the chance to collaborate in a unique project-based learning (PBL) opportunity in ConVal’s Region 14 Applied Technology Center (ATC).

“The Engineering 3 class concentrates on design and manufacturing,” explained Fabianski. Her students decided to work on a chess game that combined these two focus areas. “I always encourage my students to choose their own project to meet criteria and create the project with classroom machines. In this example, SolidWorks and v-carve software, a 3D printer, and a laser engraver-cutter were used.”

While one student used programming skills for the laser-engraving of the tesselated Moiré pattern on the wooden game board, the other created the computer instructions for the 3D-printed chess pieces.

Because 3D printing is a slow process, the chess pieces were created in overnight printing shifts with the 3D printer, one each for the white and the black pieces.

The final project was both functionally sound and aesthetically remarkable!