Featured image of article: Firefighting I Students Observe Controlled Burn

Firefighting I Students Observe Controlled Burn

Students in the Firefighting I class had the opportunity to participate in a side-by-side controlled burn demonstration at the New Hampshire Fire Academy and Fire Marshal’s Office on Wednesday, November 18, in Concord.

Students observed first-hand a live burn exhibit that demonstrated the importance of fire sprinklers, especially during the holiday season. The message was that even artificial trees pose a significant fire hazard, especially those that have not been rated by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The burn was featured that evening on WMUR during the nightly news.

The students also met and had a Q&A session with NH State Fire Marshal Paul Parisi, District Chief Danielle Cole, District Chief Adam Fanjoy, Investigator Matt Wilmot, and the accelerant canine “Anthem.” Anthem was then run through some training exercises in detecting ignitable liquids.