Featured image of article: Shows A Featured Panelist On NHPR’s “The Exchange”

Shows A Featured Panelist On NHPR’s “The Exchange”

ConVal Senior Garrett Shows was a featured panelist on “The Exchange” with Laura Knoy this morning. The show was dedicated to the topic “Intelligent Lives: Challenging Perceptions About Intelligence and Ability.”

The show explained the benefits of inclusion, both for those who are differently abled and for the general student population at ConVal Regional High School. Garrett spoke eloquently about his challenges and his achievements as well as his after-school job, his participation in internship experiences, and athletic endeavors, including Unified Basketball and Unified Soccer.

One of the callers on the show was Andres Tourgee, one of Garrett’s classmates. Garrett spoke with gratitude of the support he gets from his classmates like Andres, Dalton, and Dylan.

The other show panelists, in addition to Garrett’s father Dan Shows, were Dan Habib, filmmaker for UNH’s Institute on Disability, and creator of the award-winning documentaries Including SamuelWho Cares About Kelsey?, and Mr. Connolly Has ALS, and Marianne Leone, Executive Producer of Intelligent Lives, and author of the 2010 book, Jessie: A Mother’s Story, about her son, who had cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Leone and her husband, Chris Cooper, who narrates the film, founded the Jesse Cooper Foundation.

You can listen to the archive of the show by clicking this link.