Featured image of article: “Garrett Shows: I’m In Charge” Shown At ConVal

“Garrett Shows: I’m In Charge” Shown At ConVal

On Thursday, UNH filmmaker Dan Habib came to the Lucy Hurlin Theatre at ConVal Regional High School to share his latest documentary, “Garrett Shows: I’m In Charge.” The movie, part of Habib’s Intelligent Lives documentary project, follows ConVal student Garrett Shows as he attends classes, participates in Unified Basketball, completes an internship, and holds a job at the local supermarket.

The documentary highlights how ConVal has put in place a number of evidence-based transition strategies for Garrett and other students with disabilities. These strategies include an emphasis on inclusive education, student-led IEP meetings, internships and extended learning opportunities, Unified Sports, paid work opportunities, family engagement and a regular diploma track for students with intellectual disabilities.

After each of the three screenings, Shows and Habib interacted with the audience, fielded questions, and asked how ConVal can do an even better job of being inclusive of students with different abilities.

ConVal Superintendent Kimberly Saunders and School Board member Linda Quintanilha met with Habib after the last showing and were offered the opportunity to show the full-length Intelligent Lives documentary at ConVal in the fall.