Featured image of article: Gil Morris Builds, Drives Electric Car By SwitchLab

Gil Morris Builds, Drives Electric Car By SwitchLab

Students who will attend ConVal High School this fall will find a brand-new learning opportunity at the Region 14 Applied Technology Center (ATC): the building of a street-legal electrical car.

The car is based on a kit provided by the California-based company SwitchLab. In the photo above, ATC teacher Gil Morris is trying out the completed Switch car that he and others had built in training, before rolling out the project to students.

SwitchLab is an all-inclusive, turn-key program with different vehicle options. The kit includes the chassis, AC, DC, or permanent magnet drive system, battery, all required wiring, lights, seats, seat belts, and windscreen. To explore a YouTube playlist of SwitchLab videos where you can see the finished cars in action, please click here.