Featured image of article: Grossi Attends New Hampshire Educators’ Summer Summit

Grossi Attends New Hampshire Educators’ Summer Summit

ATC teacher Sarah Grossi attended the three-day NH Educators’ Summer Summit this week. You can follow Mrs. Grossi tweets from the conference @SarahGrossi3.

The picture shows Mrs. Grossi with Daniel Willingham, author of When Can You Trust the Experts?: How to Tell Good Science from Bad in Education, a common sense guide for parents, teachers, administrators, and policymakers which offers them the tools they need to ask tougher questions, think more logically about why an intervention program might or might not work, and ultimately make more informed decisions.

The New Hampshire Educators’ Summer Summit is an annual event where school teams convene for three days to engage in professional development with national and local experts. Now in its sixth year, the NH Statewide Summer Summit seeks to transform education through community involvement and evidence-based reform practices.

Through scholarship and mentorship in effective skills, strategies, and practices to implement with students, the Summit gives local practitioners power to transform education and provides technical assistance for sustainability. School-based teams develop and submit an innovation plan, based on gaps in performance data, as a prerequisite to attendance.

Throughout the year, on-site facilitation, tri-annual reviews, and quarterly meetings to build capacity for change support implementation of activities to achieve identified outcomes.