Featured image of article: Hull To Work As A Senate Page In D.C.

Hull To Work As A Senate Page In D.C.

Congratulations to ConVal Junior Sarah Hull who has been accepted as a Senate Page for Senator Jeanne Shaheen in Washington, D.C.  Hull will head to Washington in late January and will stay in D.C. until June, attending school and working as a Page in the United States Senate.

The Senate Page Program is a great opportunity for high school students to get involved in government service, see the legislative process in action, and experience life in our nation’s capital.

Living away from home and attending school with students from around the country allows Pages to experience a myriad of new ideas, perspectives, and issues. As students work with some of the nation’s most prominent leaders and witness the political process firsthand, they learn from many interesting and challenging experiences.

There are thirty Page positions available each semester to serve the one hundred Members of the Senate. Because of the number of interested students, the selection process is very competitive.

For more on the Page program, please visit the websites for either Senator Jeanne Shaheen or Senator Maggie Hassan.