Featured image of article: Kirkpatrick Receives SolidWorks Certification

Kirkpatrick Receives SolidWorks Certification

ConVal senior Angus Kirkpatrick, an engineering student in the Region 14 Applied Technology Center (ATC), has received certification as a SolidWorks Associate.

The CSWA exam is one of the most widely used mechanical computer-aided design (CAD)  packages in the world. SolidWorks is an example of how certification can distinguish a standout designer or design engineer from the rest of the crowd.

The Region 14 ATC at ConVal High school prides itself in teaching students skills or competencies needed to achieve in today’s modern world. As a part of many ATC programs students achieve high school and college credit through a program called Running Start. Students generally receive either the Governors or STEM scholarship to cover the cost of the college courses. The ConVal district picks up any remaining fees to make sure all students can take part in this experience.