Featured image of article: MacDowell Fellow Jeremy Dean Visits ConVal

MacDowell Fellow Jeremy Dean Visits ConVal

MacDowell Colony fellow Jeremy Dean shares his work. In this piece, Dean makes connections between the innovation boom of the 1920s, which was followed by stock market crash in 1929, and the decade-long housing market bubble and recession of 2008. “Art allows us to deconstruct myths and to re-manifest them in a new way,” Dean says.

The Hummer, which Dean and his collaborators cut up and restyled as a carriage, is a historical reference to the “Hoover carts” that were driven by impoverished Southern farmers during the Depression. “Hoover carts” were built by taking cars, which the owners could no longer afford to drive, and having them pulled by either mule or horse.

For more information on Jeremy Dean and his work, see wearedaytrippers.wordpress.com/tag/jeremy-dean/.