Featured image of article: Moore, Wickham Attend NHMEA Conference

Moore, Wickham Attend NHMEA Conference

ConVal’s music teachers Brian Moore and Jim Wickham attended the New Hampshire Music Educators Association (NHMEA) Spring Conference at the Grappone Center in Concord on Friday. The theme of the conference this year was “Culture Counts: Building an Inclusive Music Program.”

A wide range of presentations covered topics such as “Music Literacy: Who Are We Including?”, “Alignment Check: Creating a Values-Driven Music Program,” “Fostering Meaningful Feedback through the Critical Response Process,” “Promoting Student Agency in Repertoire Selection,” “Social-Emotional Needs of Musical High-Achievers,” “Repertoire & Resources for Choral Classrooms,” and “Empow-HER: Equitable Practices That amplify Women’s (and Treble) Voices.”

Claire Fifield, the Band Director at Great Brook School, also attended the conference.