Featured image of article: Wickham And Morin Deliver Guest Lecture At Keene State College

Wickham And Morin Deliver Guest Lecture At Keene State College

ConVal’s music teachers Jim Wickham and Krystal Morin delivered a guest lecture at Keene State as part of the college’s Music Education Guest Lecture Series.

Their presentation, “Google Apps in Music Classrooms,” explored the ways in which regular technology tools that are contained in the G Suite for Education can be uniquely adapted to assist in the teaching of band and chorus ensembles and how they can personalize student learning opportunities.

Dr. Sandra A. Howard, Chair of the Keene State Music Department, wrote after the presentation to thank Morin and Wickham for the guest lecture, which had resulted from an invitation that was issued after seeing the duo present at the New Hampshire Music Educators Association’s All-State Conference in April.

“The topics addressed in your presentation align with technology use and curriculum development that our students are considering as they enter the teaching profession. The assortment of examples and teaching applications provided attendees with ideas and experiences on how they can establish a positive and inclusive learning environment for students in both ensembles and a general music setting.”

“We are proud to collaborate with individuals like you who are eager to share expertise and experiences with our pre-service educators,” Dr. Howard concluded. “I look forward to our continued collaboration and the opportunity to learn from your work again in the future.”