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Morning COVID-19 Protocols Smooth, Even With Higher Numbers

The ConVal Blue & Gold Cohort model, which had characterized in-person instruction at ConVal High School since September of last year, was suspended as of Monday, April 5. This was done to give all students the opportunity to attend school and join in-person learning together.

Even with the significantly higher number of students attending in person, the morning check-ins have run smoothly. Students have been exceptionally good in maintaining physical distancing guidelines and wearing masks as they arrive on campus.

Part of the success of the quicker morning procedures is that students and staff members have access to an online service provided by ConvenientMD that asks the screening questions and, based on the answers, issues a clearance for in-person participation for the day.

“The ConvenientMD COVID-19 Assessment and Screening tool has truly helped expedite our arrival process,” principal Heather McKillop noted. When students have their clearance on their phones, all that remains is a mandatory temperature check at the door which speeds up the arrival procedure for each student and reduces wait time in line.

“We are hopeful that, by the end next week, the majority of our students will use this platform,” McKillop said.