Featured image of article: Mr. Lambert’s Firelight Chosen Best In State

Mr. Lambert’s Firelight Chosen Best In State

Congratulations to ConVal’s English and drama teacher Jason Lambert whose Firelight Theatre Workshop was chosen “best experimental theatre” by New Hampshire Magazine. The designation was part of the magazine’s Best of NH 2019 Arts & Culture issue.

“Theatre probably began when a Stone Age ancestor began acting out moments of the mammoth hunt by the cave fire. Since then, it’s been one long experiment in how to use people and props to tell stories, move hearts and change minds,” the article in New Hampshire Magazine noted in its introduction honoring the Firelight.

“The most fascinating experimental theatre in New Hampshire is the Firelight Theatre Workshop in Peterborough. They keep the flames of creativity hot with ‘innovative and immersive professional theatre’ at affordable rates in traditional and alternative spaces both locally and on tour,” the article observed.

The Firelight Theatre Workshop was co-founded by Jason Lambert and Nora Fiffer. For more on this innovative theatre project, visit firelighttheatreworkshop.com.