Featured image of article: Nordic Team Competes At Lebanon Skiathlon

Nordic Team Competes At Lebanon Skiathlon

The Cougar’s Nordic team traveled once again to Lebanon for their final season race before next week’s State Divisional Championships. 

The race format was a skiathlon, where competitors first race in the classic technique, then change their equipment in a transition zone and finish the race using freestyle, or skate, technique.  The distance of each leg was about 3.5 kilometers, resulting in a total length of approximately 7 k’s. 

Four schools were represented:  ConVal, Kingswood, Lebanon, and Hanover.  The unique format was selected to model the anticipated style of the State Championship competitions in order to give the skiers some practice in this unique event.

Co-captain Eva Calcutt led the Cougars, maintaining her consistent top performance on the team.  She was followed across the finish line by Gwen Inglis, Eme Tyler-Wall, Laura Phillips, and Grace Phillips. 

The team will head to Great Glen Trails in Gorham on Wednesday, March 3, for their Divisional Championships.