Week of October 31, 2016

ConVal Sports Preseason Meetings: Preseason Meetings for anyone interested in winter sports are as follows:

  • Boys Basketball:  11/1 at 2:30 in Rm 651
  • Indoor Track: 11/3 at 2:30 in Rm 651
  • Boys Ice Hockey: TBA

School-wide Mock Elections 11/1: School-wide mock elections will be held on Tuesday, November 1, 2016 in room 111 during Block 1. This is your chance to cast your vote for President, US Senator, US Representative, and Governor. All students and staff may participate.

The voting will occur all block long, so we would like teachers to schedule the following times:

  • 100 level — 7:35 – 7:55
  • 300 level — 7:55 – 8:10
  • 200 level — 8:10 – 8:30
  • 400, 500 and Gym — 8:30 – 8:54

Teachers please help the Social Studies Department in encouraging students to become active citizens in our political process and become familiar with the election process. We will announce the results of the election at the end of Block 4.

Peer Tutors: The National Honor Society is organizing a group of peer tutors to help teachers and students during TASC. If you excel in a certain subject and want to help others, contact Ms. Gagnon or someone you know in NHS sign up!

Picture Retake: Picture retake is scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 2016.  Order forms are available in the Main Office.

November Craft Fair: The Senior Class is looking for Clubs and Class Advisories to sell food at the November Craft Fair which will be held on November 19, 2016. This is a great fundraising opportunity! If you are interested please see a Senior Officer, Mr. Wozmak or Ms. Bernardi.

Conval Driver Education: Class #CV177 from 4/14/17 to 6/14/17. Course cost:  $625.00; deposit: $125.00, then five additional payments of $100.00 each. Class times are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2:30-4:10 pm (no class during April break & every other Friday). Parent night:  4/12/17 at 7 PM. Processing fee for refund:  $40.00.  No refund after Class #1. Must be 16 by the end of course. Sign-up sheets in Counseling Office