Featured image of article: Picture Retake Day is October 25, 2023

Picture Retake Day is October 25, 2023

Student ID photos will be taken on ConVal High School’s picture retake day on October 25, 2023.

Access the Barksdale Storefront at www.barksdalestorefront.com. The order code for the event is 0030806AR.

What to expect on picture day

  • When an order is placed online, the parent/guardian will receive a camera pass via email. This can either be printed or texted to the student and brought to picture day. The photographer will photograph the printed camera pass along with the student.
  • If a student is not able to print their camera pass, that is not a problem. We will match up the student to their order manually in the production process.
  • A parent may order from the flyer up until 24 hours after picture day. After 24 hours, the online ordering access may close. This will allow our imaging team to “Pull” all orders submitted and match them with the students photographed.
  • When pictures are returned to school, all students who purchased pictures will receive their prepaid package. Any student who was photographed but did not order a package, will receive a “Proof” (PX) of their picture that was taken on picture day.

All proof packages offer parents a second opportunity to order prints. All orders are subject to shipping and handling costs of up to $8.50 and will be shipped directly to home.