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Presentations Combine Science And German Knowledge

Students in Frau Hodgdon’s German 3 class had a unique challenge for their last week of class: Design a scientific experiment involving salt (their current unit of study), propose a hypothesis, conduct the experiment following the scientific method, and then present the experiment and its results to students and visitors in class — and do all of it in German!

The students’ presentations ranged from the effect of saltwater on Gummi bears and the importance of adding salt to cookies to the conductive properties of salts and electrolytes enabling low-voltage transmission.

Other projects addressed the negative effects that salts have on wildlife, especially snails, by causing dehydration, the differing densities of a water column depending on salt content, the inner workings of a lava lamp using oil, water, and salt, and a clever way to separate salt from pepper by using a statically charged comb.

All student experiments were solidly researched and well presented in the target language. The students with the two winning entries at this world language science fair each received a $10 Amazon gift card.

Congratulations to all students in the two classes who combined science knowledge and German skills in such an impressive manner!