Featured image of article: Ramsden Accepted Into The Academies Program At Harvard

Ramsden Accepted Into The Academies Program At Harvard

Congratulations to Gabrielle “Gabby” Ramsden who has been accepted into the Academies at Harvard University!

Gabby will be attending the American Politics Academy where she will learn more about policy making, campaigns and elections, political debates, international relations, game theory and political theory, among numerous other topics. She will be attending the seminars in person, beginning the first weekend of November. 

Gabby was nominated unanimously by a number of members of the ConVal High School Social Studies department, based on her efforts and engagement in courses of American Government and Economics, AP World, and AP U.S. History. Gabby is also an active participant in ConVal’s Youth in Government Club. 

The Academies at Harvard University were originally designed to ease the transition to college and careers for 1,000 high school juniors every year.