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Scholarship Night Brings Awards For Seniors

A great number of local businesses, individual memorial funds, and community organizations came together to provide financial support to soon-to-be ConVal graduates as they start to pursue post-secondary goals. Through their generous fundraising efforts, seniors received nearly $132,000 in local scholarships.

The following scholarships were awarded to ConVal students on June 8, 2022:

  • Adam Vaillancourt Roofing Scholarship: Nicholas Merzi
  • Amy Zaluki Stone: Gareth Armstrong
  • Antrim Wind Energy: Chloe Griggs
  • Bar Harbor & Trust Scholarship: Nicholas Merzi
  • Benjamin W. Tenney Scholarship: Jessica Hench, Tristan Murdough
  • Contoocook Valley Board of Realtors Scholarship: Fletcher Maggs
  • ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars: Jocelyn Coty
  • ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, John Vance Scholarship: Elli Ward
  • ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, Kenneth Christian Scholarship: Corey Guzman
  • ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, Martha Scott Memorial Scholarship: Miriam Turner
  • ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, Monadnock Crafters Guild Scholarship: Chloe Griggs
  • ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars, Peterborough Garden Club Scholarship: Sabrina Leahigh
  • CVEA Scholarship Awards: Alana Edwards
  • CVEA Scholarship Awards: Logan Burnham
  • The Daniel A. Blanchette Scholarship: Eva Calcutt, Fletcher Maggs
  • Daughters of the American Revolution: Fletcher Maggs
  • David Daly Memorial Scholarship: Dhanesh Airi, Miriam Turner
  • Derek Witherell Memorial Scholarship Fund: Nicholas DiNino
  • Diane McClintock Scholarship: Gareth Armstrong, Emma Carpenter
  • Dr. Herbert Flewelling Scholarship: Madeline Faber
  • Dublin Community Scholarship: Gareth Armstrong, Caitlin Beal, Samuel Rousseau, Sam Scheinblum, Thalia Stafford
  • Edward E. French Scholarship: Logan Burnham, Miriam Turner
  • Grand Monadock Rotary Club: Willow Baribault, Sabrina Leahigh
  • Grimshaw-Gudewicz Scholarship: Dhanesh Airi, Maeghan Baribault, Willow Baribault, Emily Clark, Abe Dreher, Addison Evans, Owen Hannah, Gwyneth Inglis, Sabrina Leahigh, Nicholas Merzi, Alexandria Payero, Miriam Turner, Elli Ward
  • Guy D. Tibbets Scholarship: Sabrina Leahigh
  • Harris Center for Conservation Education: Caitlin Beal
  • James W. Jameson Scholarship: Makenzie Anderson, Maeghan Baribault, Willow Baribault, Corey Guzman, Jessica Hench, Sabrina Leahigh, Tristan Murdough
  • Jim Grant Scholarship (SDE): Corey Guzman
  • Joan C. Schnare Scholarship: Corey Guzman
  • Kiwanis Club of Peterborough, Ann Geisel Memorial Community Service Award: Elli Ward
  • KMS Foundation: Harrison Clark, Sabrina Leahigh
  • Mary Lou O’Neil Memorial Fund: Nicholas Merzi, Tristan Murdough, Molly Munroe
  • Morgan Betz Memorial Scholarship Gwyneth Inglis, Sabrina Leahigh
  • Norma A. Houghton Scholarship: Madeline Faber
  • Peter Michael Abbott Scholarship: Samuel Rousseau, Molly Tyle
  • Peterborough Woman’s Club Scholarship: Elli Ward
  • Pops Wescott Scholarship: Louis LaFleur
  • Thomas and Eleanor Manning Scholarship: Owen Hannah
  • Todd Warner Burgess Memorial Scholarship: Elli Ward

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who were part of the fundraising efforts and who took part in the demanding review meetings to determine the finalists from the many scholarship candidates.