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School Store Open For Before, After Christmas Sale

Welcome to the ConVal High School Winter Fan Store!

This store will be open TWICE: Opening 11/20 and closing 11/28 for Christmas (we will message you if ANYTHING won’t be ready in time – can happen if things are coming from west coast) and then again for later, December/January open/close for anyone who missed the first round!

To get to the sales, follow this link: https://cvhs-winter-22-23-fanwear.itemorder.com/shop/sale/.


  1. As you may be aware, there are still issues with the supply chain for apparel. At the time of the store opening, all items were available. This can change at the last moment – and we may have to change brands due to availability.
  2. Images show the basic ConVal logo – you may chose THAT logo (“NO sport”) or your WINTER sport of preference. We set the store up just a wee bit different this year with general items AND then a section for each sport. You can access a sport by scrolling down OR clicking on the tabs at the top.
  3. Once the store closes, we will order products and as soon as they arrive, we will begin embroidering & screen printing.
  4. All purchases will be bagged and delivered to the high school for pickup (we will email you with that information).

Feel free to call if you have any questions (603) 344-0423.

Thanks again for supporting your school store!Feel free to call if you have any questions 603-344-0423. https://cvhs-winter-22-23-fanwear.itemorder.com/shop/sale/