Featured image of article: Senator Hassan Visits ATC, ConVal High School

Senator Hassan Visits ATC, ConVal High School

On Friday, Senator Maggie Hassan visited the Region 14 Applied Technology Center in celebration of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month. Hassan visited all program areas: digital photography, careers in education, business, manufacturing, and engineering.

During her tour, Hassan interacted with students, asking them about the CTE classes they were taking and about their plans for the future, after graduation from ConVal High School. She also spoke about the legislative proposals that have been introduced in Washington to draw greater attention to the importance of career and technical education in preparing young students for their futures in the highest need jobs areas in the trades.

An unexpected fire alarm during the Senator’s visit brought the entire school out into the parking lot, demonstrating the effectiveness of the school’s emergency procedures. It was also a time for students and staff members to pose for selfies and pictures with Hassan in an informal setting.

Thank you, Senator Hassan, for your visit!