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Senior LAX Game Against Derryfield A Great Win

The ConVal Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team scored a hardfought 10:8 win over Derryfield in their Senior Game on May 25.

Senior Briana Jones had four goals, senior Grace Bowman one goal and one assist, senior Sarah Kolk one goal, and senior Sam Worobey two assists. Sophomore Lily Sheridan scored three goals and had three assists.

“All the seniors really stepped up today,” said coach Derek Sorbello after the game.  “From the first draw, senior Sierra Tracy set the tone that the Cougars were in it to win.  Her intensity was critical and carried over to the whole team.”

“Grace Bowman, who had never played lacrosse before this season, had the assist on our first goal of the game and then scored the goal to put us ahead in the second half,” Sorbello continued. “Briana Jones and Lily Sheridan led our attack and were a force to be reckoned with.  When they shot, they made it count.”

“All of our midfielders, led by Sam Worobey and Sarah Kolk, did an excellent job slowing down the Derryfield players and preventing fast breaks,” Sorbello commented. “On defense, senior Natalie Klint led the squad, playing smart and stingy. Sophomore Emma Crowley, after singing a great rendition of the national anthem, was outstanding in goal and had 11 saves.”

Sorbello said that he could not be prouder for how well the ConVal Cougars played against an opponent who is an undisputed league leader. “I could go on and speak about every player and how well they played. It was just a great team effort.  Everything came together for the Cougars tonight. The atmosphere was great, the support from the fans was fantastic. It was pretty exciting.  I couldn’t be happier for all of our seniors to go out with a win like that.”