Featured image of article: Skillings Masters E7018 Stick Welding, Earns Certification

Skillings Masters E7018 Stick Welding, Earns Certification

Congratulations to senior Cale Skillings who recently earned his welder qualification record in E7018 stick, unlimited thickness, all positions, structural and structural bridge. 

The E7018 classification refers to the low-hydrogen, usually DC, all-position electrode that is used when quality is an issue or for hard-to-weld metals. It has the capability of producing more uniform weld metal, which has better impact properties at temperatures below zero. 

According to instructor Dan Guillou, this test is one of the hardest for welders to pass, and many people fail several times before being successful. 

Cale attempted the test this past spring and did not succeed on his first attempt. However, he persevered, came back for more practice, and passed with an almost flawless test — an A+ according to Guillou. 

Cale’s next steps are an ELO at American Steel, where he will continue to refine his skills.  Well done, Cale!