Featured image of article: Spirit Week Returns To ConVal High School

Spirit Week Returns To ConVal High School

After being held virtually last year, Spirit Week returned to in-person activities at ConVal High School this past week.

Classes competed for theme days throughout the week. There were dress-up theme days: Valentine’s Day outfits, “Adam Sandler Day,” “Inside Out Day,” “Fancy Dress Day,” Class Color Day, and Blue & Gold Day. There were penny wars, and TASC homerooms competed with door decorations to show off some school spirit.

Spirit Week ended with rallies in the gym. Freshmen and sophomores were vying for points on Thursday while juniors and seniors competed on Friday. There was something in the program for everyone: a game of musical chairs, a scooter race, a hula hoop contest, tug-of-war, and half-court basketball shots.

Right in the middle of the rally, students competed in the learning of ConVal’s fight song, which hadn’t been heard during the pandemic.

The competition between classes was so close! The winning class will be announced over the intercom the morning we return from our February vacation.

Thank you to all of our students and staff that participated during this week to make the building colorful and full of energy and excitement. Thank you to everyone on Student Council for the great planning. Thank you to Anna Muncy, Bethany Cooper, John Reitnauer, and to the class advisors who helped organize Spirit Week. Thank you to all the staff members who participated — there were some great outfits for dress-up days in the front office, the library, and among many of the classroom teachers and paraprofessionals. And a special thank you to the Harris’ (Alexis and Matt) for emceeing the gym rallies to make them exciting spirit events.