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Spirit Weeks Ends With Rally, Unified Game

Just before Winter Break, ConVal High School’s Spirit Week ended with an all-school rally and a basketball game that put the Unified Team up against the Faculty/Staff Team.

The rally began with a spirited tic-tac-toe game played with jerseys and each of the four classes — freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors — forming teams.

The basketball game proved to be the audience favorite with students and staff cheering both teams and applauding wildly when either of the teams scored.

In between the quarters of the game, there were more class-related contests, including a ConVal Quiz game that tested student familiarity with ConVal-centered trivia, such as which sports team last won a state championship.

Though much of the Unified vs. Faculty/Staff exhibition game was close, it ended with a rather decisive final score of 62:48 in favor of the Unified squad. Congratulations!