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Student Support Team Recognizes Students At Breakfast

The Student Support Team at ConVal hosted the eighth Student Recognition Breakfast on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Eighty-nine students were recognized for their positive contributions to the ConVal Community. Students were nominated by faculty and staff for making a difference. The recipients enjoyed a catered breakfast provided by Shiva Catering.

Door prizes were generously donated by the ConVal School Store, ConVal Athletics, Manhattan East Hair Design Studio, The Bagel Mill, Nashua Community College, River Valley Community College, New Hampshire Higher Education Foundation, Peterborough Community Theater, JoAnn Fletcher and Darcy Bartsch.

The following students were recognized: Olivia Adams, Ingrid Aho, Isaac Bacon, Cole Baggley, Noah Bell, Riley Bemont, Marissa Bernabeo, Jordan Bernier, Justin Berry, Zack Beymer, Isaac Blake, Manny Bowman, Nate Brothers, Josh Carmen, Hunter Chandler, Eric Charron, Hannah Cheneau, Adam Chicoine, Austin Cilley, Anthony Clark, Jaclyn Clark, Riley Codman, Tristan Colburn, Clara Colby, Liam Costello, Ryan Davidson, Maxwell Davie, Angellyna Davis, Isiah Debarros, Lily Dell, Jennica Demers, Lily Denehy, Cote Devine, Noah Devine, Caitlin Galea, Hannah Garfinkle, Bridget Grady, Sean Grady, Jack Griffin, Destiny Guadagno, Kristen Guinard, Savannah Hall, Devin Harling, Caitlin Howard, Michelle Jarest, Rebecca Jennings, Emma Johnson, Casey Jordan, Nadia Kazlauskas, Hattie Kendall, Carly Kimball, Bailey Kirkpatrick, Tyler LeBlanc, Morgan Leger, Nakita Maki, Hunter Mathewson, Ella  McCullough, Christopher McHugh, Cameron Merwede, Evan Merwede, Colleen Minnihan, Josh Nash, Jarek Noschese, Jeffery Pinkham, Caleb Putnam, Susan Richardson, Amber Ruston, Valerie St. Amand, Hunter Salamy, Shaiman Salisbury, Lily Sheridan, Abigail Sherlock, Garrett Shows, Alex Stone, Leah Stone, Casey Taylor, Tierney Thompson, Hieu Turner, Jack Tyle, Rowan Tyne, Taryn Wing, Grace Woodhead, Ann Worcester, Sammy Yeaw, Daisy Young, Riley Young, Skylear Young, and Michael Zrzavy.