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Achievements In World Language Poetry Recitation

A World Language Poetry Recitation Contest was held in German and Spanish classes at ConVal High School on Wednesday, December 7.  Kudos to all the students who memorized and recited poems in their chosen foreign language.

Special congratulations go to the students who won awards in their respective language class levels and sections:

German 1

  • 🥇 1st place: Riley Heider, Kaelyn Samuelson
  • 🥈 2nd place: Ivy Armstrong-McEvoy, Liam Armstrong
  • 🥉 3rd place: Lydia Brening, Addie Regis

German 2

  • 🥇 1st place: Aric Evans, Breanna Myers, Ryan Whitney
  • 🥈 2nd place: Liam Lambert, Kai Reitnauer, Emily Vanderpool
  • 🥉 3rd place: Broden Frosch, Lucy Jackson, Sam Moritz

German 4

  • 🥇 1st place: Eva McCullough
  • 🥈 2nd place: Laramie Wilson
  • 🥉 3rd place: Jen Hopkins

Spanish 1

  • 🥇 1st place: Gavin Niemela, Taylor Ouellette
  • 🥈 2nd place: Hadley Bates, Braiden Boice
  • 🥉 3rd place: Leigha Psiras, Kalyn Ross

Spanish 2

  • 🥇 1st place: Alec Rogers
  • 🥈 2nd place: Luci McLay
  • 🥉 3rd place: Amanda Bergeron