Featured image of article: Student Inspired By “The Great Gatsby” To Design  Period Dress

Student Inspired By “The Great Gatsby” To Design Period Dress

As ConVal continues to modify the manner in which assessments are given, Ms. Rivet’s ACS English students were asked to draw on their interests to present a final assessment for The Great Gatsby.

Junior Charlotte Lechner determined that her interest in fashion would drive her final project for this novel. As part of the project requirements, students were to research clothing and fashion from the 1920s. The original assessment asked for sketches and pieces of fabric to show their vision for pieces that they would ideally want to create. Creating clothing for dolls was offered as an additional option.

Lechner went beyond this additional option a created a life-size replica of a dress that she designed for the character of Daisy Buchanan. With her previous research in mind, she created an evening dress which was fully representative of the era. The dress includes black fabric, sequins, and feather boas in order to bring the outfit to life. It is accessorized with the common jewelry piece of a pearl necklace. Lechner shared images of her steps of completion as well as sketches for outfits for the other main characters.

While it has been great for Ms. Rivet to see Lechner’s creativity come to life, her parents also recognized how this assessment opportunity was impactful for their daughter. Mr. Lechner commented that, for his daughter, “It was a wonderful way to delve deeply into an aspect of The Great Gatsby.”

When projects such as this come to life, it renews the excitement for learning and making learning relevant to students in a way that is meaningful for them.