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Student Speeches And Election Results

The junior, sophomore, and freshman classes met in three different locations during TASC on June 15 to listen to the speeches of the candidates for class president, class vice president, treasurer, and secretary as well as class representatives to Student Council.

As is now tradition at ConVal, voting took place electronically. Here are the election results:

Class of 2018

  • President: Dominique Wheeler
  • Vice President: Emma Crowley
  • Treasurer: Mya Poluchov
  • Secretary: Aiden Hall
  • Student Council Representatives: Madeline Garland, Shea Ellis, Jordan Cooper

Class of 2019

  • President: Daisy Young
  • Vice President: Andrew Stockwell
  • Treasurer: Kelley Akerley
  • Secretary: Isabelle Rigrod
  • Student Council Representatives: Alyssa Janoch, Rachel Cass, Evan Coyne

Class of 2020

  • President: Liam Denehy
  • Vice President: Marina McMahon
  • Treasurer: Zoe Werth
  • Secretary: Greta Topping
  • Student Council Representatives: Grace Christensen, Lucy Civitella, Brooke Ellis

The student representative to the School Board is Lily Denehy.