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Students Dissect Starfish In Science Class

As part of learning about the biological Levels of Organization, biology students of Carol Young, Anna Muncy, and Brock Lambert dissected specimens. The students are able to see the organism, organ systems, organs, and tissues of various specimens and make comparisons.

Students dissected crustaceans (crayfish) on Wednesday and echinoderms (sea stars) on Thursday. The students were asked to take photos of certain structures during the dissection to complete a small project once the dissections are complete.

“I was really excited to do this dissection. It can be difficult to find what we’re looking for but I feel that it’s been a good experience. We’ve been identifying a lot of the structures and learning about their functions,” said sophomore Emma Anderson. She also discussed how the dissections related to what was being learned in class. “Sciences is absolutely my favorite class.”

The new lab space that was completed in September 2018 is especially accommodating for dissections. Students have lab table space to break into groups and have adequate working space. Cleaning up is quick and easy as there are numerous sinks, paper towel dispensers, and soap for students.

Anna Muncy observed, “It is a science teacher’s dream to see students be able to clean up their workspace quickly and well. Aside from the educational and time benefits, it is also a safety benefit as space is properly cleaned of chemicals.”