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Students Honored At Student Support Team (SST) Breakfast

On Wednesday, eighty-six students were honored at the final Student Support Team (SST) breakfast for the year. The students were recognized for their positive contributions to ConVal High School, such as for being a good friend, showing responsibility, making improvements, displaying good citizenship, and for making a difference to the ConVal community in other ways.

The recipients enjoyed a catered breakfast provided by Shiva Catering. Door prizes were generously donated by New Hampshire Higher Education Foundation (NHHEAF), Keene State College, Nashua Community College, Monadnock Community Hospital, and Darcy Bartsch.

The following students were recognized at the breakfast: Seth Abbot, Kelley Akerley, Paulina Allen, Anastasia Barbosa, Nick Batty, Gabriella Belcher, Lauren Belleau, Riley Bemont, Oscar Bernier, Alyssa Boudreau, Chayton Boyce, Felicity Burgess, Shea Butler, Duncan Cahoon, Ashlie Chandler, Hunter Chandler, Anna Chisholm, Madilyn Cilley, Anthony Clark, Justin Clark, Alessia Coburn, Florence Colantino, Jordan Cooper, Sarah Cummings, Grace Dell, Lily Denehy, Jaylyn Desrosiers, Sam Donahue, Logan Doyle, Austin Eddy, Casey Ellis, Libby Ewing, Ben Garfinkle, Madeline Garland, Izzy Gelinas, Sean Grady, Laquea Hall, Cole Heinselman, Emma Henderson, Jacob Huntington, Grace Huntley, Evening Iwanowicz, Kara Keiper, Haven Lambert, Jess Long, Casey Lustenberger, Nguyen Mai, August Marshall, Aliyah McCarthy, Anna McGuinnes, Marina McMahon, Kylee Ann Merrill, Shay Miller, Angela Molloy, Sarah Newell, Jackson Perry, Robert Perry, Mya Poluchov, Molly Reed, Brett Scharmett, Jessica Scharmett, Grace Sennett, Jaden Smith, Dylan Stapleton, Georgia Stone, Addison Swasey, Will Theriault, Amber Thompson, Jay Tinkham, Siera Valentin, Oliver Ward, David Weber, Finn Wegmueller, Jacob Weidner, Sam West, Jonah Wheeler, Ava Whicker, Tim Whitaker, Keenan Wilson, Marion Winchester, Lorien Wright, Daisy Young, Tim Young, Hannah Zanga, Adam Zett, and Jared Zett.