Featured image of article: Students Meet With Playwright Sarah DeLappe

Students Meet With Playwright Sarah DeLappe

Playwright Sarah DeLappe is the author of The Wolves, a play that chronicles the complicated lives of a girls’ high school soccer team. The Wolves had a critically acclaimed run at the Lincoln Center Theater’s Mitzi Newhouse Theater and will be performed at ConVal later in the year.

DeLappe is a current MacDowell Colony Fellow and on Monday, students had an opportunity to sit down with DeLappe in the Lucy Hurlin Theatre during TASC. The discussion session included ConVal theatre teacher Jason Lambert and Ann Hayashi, the Assistant to the Resident Director at the MacDowell Colony.

DeLappe explained what inspired her play, the process that guided her writing, and how she approaches writing in general.

“There are two types of writers,” DeLappe explained. “‘Hawk writers’ and ‘mole writers.’ Hawk writers see the work from an overview perspective and then work their way down to the actual sentence level.”

“Mole writers, on the other hand, start deep in the ground, work sentence by sentence, and thus work their up. In the end, they both meet at the surface.” “I consider myself a mole writer,” DeLappe added.

After the meeting, Mr. Lambert thanked everyone who participated and had made this unique opportunity possible: “This was a special one.”