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Students of German Compete in Contest

On December 11, ConVal students of German participated in the statewide German Poetry Recitation Contest.

The competition took place at St. Anselm College in Manchester and was well attended, with students representing schools from around the state.

Ten ConVal students received prizes for their recitations of German poetry:

  • Level 1 German:  2nd place: Michael McKenna; 3rd place: Michele Hartwell.
  • Level 2 German: 2nd place tie: Bridget Grady & KJ Ammon; 3rd place: Becket Gourlay.
  • Level 3 German: 1st place: Michael Zrzavy; 3rd place: Victoria Sousa.
  • Level 4 German: 1st place: Daniel Frehner; 2nd place: Ursula Kratzenberg; 3rd place: Madeline Ciocci.
Congratulations to all students and a special “Gratuliere!” to Frau Hodgdon for preparing our students so well!