Featured image of article: Students Of German Perform Grease — In German!

Students Of German Perform Grease — In German!

In another return to pre-COVID traditions, the World Language Department performed the musical Grease, in German!

As German teacher Cindi Hodgdon explained, students chose which music to perform, watched the original English version, then translated the dialogue and song lyrics into German themselves. They then learned the texts, blocked the play, procured the props, choreographed the dances, and rehearsed the numbers — initially, on their own with a substitute because Frau Hodgdon was out with COVID.

“The performance itself was a genuine ensemble production,” Frau Hodgdon said. “We had one German 3 student, one previous (last year) German 4 student, and the booth was managed by two German 3 students.  Everyone else, 14 students, were AP-level students.”

“Grease was the culmination of five semesters of German together,” Frau Hodgdon added.  “I am always so proud of how the students come together to form a tight-knit group that is thrilled with their achievements, and feels like a family.  They really do go together like ‘rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.’  This year was no exception, and I am so amazed by them!”