Featured image of article: Students Of German Visit UMass Amherst Program

Students Of German Visit UMass Amherst Program

On Wednesday, students of German went on an exciting field trip to the German and Scandinavian Studies Program at Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. With over eighty faculty members, 370 undergraduate majors, and nearly 200 graduate students, the Language Department is the largest department at UMass Amherst.

After a breakfast and welcome, a mixed group students from schools in Massachusetts and ConVal took a tour of the college campus.  Then students got to sit in on a college German course.

“The exciting thing about that was that the CV students were able to fully participate in the class as they were at the same level as we are,” said German teacher Cindi Hodgdon.  “We also learned about the unique Scandinavian studies track and all of the interesting courses they offer.  We ended with a lunch and goodie bags.  The students appreciated seeing the campus and knowing that they can succeed in college German.”

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