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Summer Academy Musical A Success

Live for the first time since the pandemic, the ConVal Summer Academy’s musical production of “Little Mermaid, Jr” delighted audiences with its three performances on August 4 and 5.

This magical example of stagecraft for younger and older students brought together an ensemble cast led by Alissa Cutting as Ariel, Daniel Sleeper as Prince Eric, Beau Olesky as King Triton, Isabella Stehly as Flounder, Rowan Davidson as Sebastian, and Haley Serafine as Ursula. Ace Smith (Andrina), Hannah Leahigh (Arista), Avery Swasey (Atina), Megan Millbauer (Adella), and Hadi Lancaric (Allana) showed off glittering voices in the choral numbers. Doc Cassidy was wonderful as the comical crab-hunting as Chef Louis as was Jazzy Woodhouse as Carlotta.

All of the participating students — Kaylyn Ross and Ryan Whitney as Flotsam and Jetsam, Madigan Rogers as Pilot, AJ Mackensen as Grimsby, Miriam Metzler as Seahorse, and Isabella Erikson, Collin Harris, Ellie Kiley, Grace Lacroix, Juliette Langley, and Morgan Salisbury as the Merfolk — contributed strongly to the performance that proved to be a treat for all senses, with vivid visuals provided by the lighting crew of Frank LeBlanc and Kettu Reynolds.

The ConVal Theatre production of “Little Mermaid, Jr” was expertly directed and choreographed by the Summer Academy trifecta of Elisabeth Moore, Brian Moore, and Rachel Diemler. Josh Ellis served as the Technical Director.

Thank you all for bringing live theater back to ConVal in such a spectacular way and thank you, audiences, for your continued support of Summer Academy’s theatrical productions!