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Targeted Remote Support Offered For Algebra Students

Principal Heather McKillop announces the ConVal Regional High School math department will be providing a new opportunity for timely and targeted support for Algebra 1 students starting next week.

Starting Monday, December 7, students in both Part 1 and Part 2 of Algebra 1 will be able to attend support sessions that will be held remotely after school from 3-5 pm Monday through Friday. The sessions, which will consist of roughly three to five students, will be between half an hour to an hour, and led by math faculty familiar with the course and content.

Students will be sent invitations and a form to RSVP and sessions will begin the following week. Students will be invited based on a weekly assessment covering recent materials.

Though the invitations will come from their specific math teacher, students may attend sessions led by other math teachers.

“This personalized learning opportunity shows just how dedicated our teachers are to providing our students with the best possible learning experience,” Principal McKillop said. “Thank you for all who organized this opportunity and resource.”

Those with questions may contact Mathematics Department head Lance Flamino at lflamino@conval.edu or your student’s Algebra 1 teacher.