Featured image of article: Thibault Joins ConVal As Interim Assistant Principal

Thibault Joins ConVal As Interim Assistant Principal

Interim Assistant Principal Erik Thibault, who joined ConVal High School on Monday, April 4, is very familiar with the school district. A resident of Peterborough, Thibault taught in the ConVal High School mathematics department from 2005-2010. His children are all ConVal graduates.

After a dozen years working in the Milford school district, he considers his return to Peterborough a welcome homecoming. “It’s nice to be back home,” Thibault stated. “It is a good time for me to be at ConVal.” Much of ConVal High School felt immediately familiar to Thibault who also noticed some of the school improvements that had taken place in his years of absence, from the addition to the gymnasium wing to the more recent renovations in the science areas.

Thibault holds an Assistant Principal certification and is working on an educational leadership program to obtain a New Hampshire Administration/Principal certification. “The opening of this position was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with some of the brilliant, compassionate colleagues who molded me into the educator that I am today,” he said, “I am looking forward to the many positive things that are on the horizon.”

Having spent his first full day at the school on Monday, Thibault looks forward to working with the students at ConVal High School: “I consider connecting with students the best part of my job,” he noted.

Welcome back, Mr. Thibault, we all look forward to having you here!