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Underclassmen Awards Breakfast Honors 48 Achievers

In a departure from the traditional, combined awards ceremony for both graduating seniors and underclassmen, ConVal High School’s freshman, sophomore, and junior students were celebrated separately at a breakfast on Friday morning in the ConVal cafeteria.

Awards and recognitions were given out to the winners of the Edith Bird Bass Essay Contest and the members of the National Honor Society. The English Department presented the Harvard, Smith, and Dartmouth Book Awards as well as the New Hampshire Humanities Council Book Award.

Achievement awards were conferred by the Applied Technology Center and the Art, English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and World Language departments.

In all, forty-eight students were recognized at the celebratory breakfast: Ian Aldrich, Nisse Anderson, Ryan Beal, Leo Boyer, Matthew Burke, Justin Burns, Lindsey Carey, Rachel Cass, Grace Christensen, Alessia Coburn, Mackenzie Costello, Evan Coyne, Austin Davis, Austin Davison, Samantha Donahue, Aria Frehner, August George, Savannah Hall, Jacob Huntington, Rachel Hurley, Sarah Kingsbury Evans, Alyssa Janoch, Molly Janoch, Hannah Johnson, Jill Karlicek, Dee Kashulines, Savannah Kersbergen, Catrina Kipka, Mather Kipka, Isabel Laskey-Rigrod, August Marshall, Anna McGuiness, Petra McLay, Schuyler Michalak, Maggie Morison, Olivia Mullins, Fiona Pieterse, Mary Riffle, Kyle Shearer, Andrew Stockwell, Kalli Taylor, Will Theriault, Bronwyn Tyler-Wall, Julian Varga, Finn Wegmueller, Zoe Werth, Keenan Wilson, and Nathaniel Wilson.

Congratulations, all, on your respective achievements!